Affiliate Marketing/Referral & Social Media Influencers

Similar to our amazing products, we wanted to do something just as great with our Affiliate compensation program. In fact, it's one of the most lucrative & easiest affiliate programs in existence. Influencers with a large following can obviously generate significant income from our program, but even those influencers just getting started can make a significant income even before they amass a huge following. When you combine our incredible Nutraceutical products with the highest paying & repeat-customer structure, there is no limit to the possibilities.

Here's why NUTRUX™ is the greatest Affiliate Marketing & Referral program available:


We pay you 30% commissions on every single purchase made in our shopping cart due to your influence and effort. Compare that to other online retailers like Amazon that pay 4-8%. Everything sold in our shopping cart using your personal coupon code provided to you by NUTRUX™ earns you 30% commision. Earn an additional 10% Bonus when your sales reach only $500 in a single calendar month.

Your Customers

At NUTRUX™, we believe "once a customer, always a customer". In other words... when you refer a customer to us, we regard that customer as your's for life. Every customer you refer to us is forever linked to your affiliate account and is your repeat customer even if they forget or don't use your affiliate code. Again, compare that to other online retailers that pay you one time and then the customer you referred is now forever their customer.

Repeat Orders

Our products are so wonderful that we have a huge & very high percentage of repeat customers and virtually zero returns. Percentage wise, returns are .001%, which is so low, we can not even quantify the number into your business model. Just think of how much commission you might be missing on repeat customers with other affiliate programs. 

Personal-Use Products

In addition, your 30% Commissions applies to your own personal-use purchases and applies to your bonus qualification... allowing you to make 40% on your own purchases in addition to the standard 10% discount we give with coupon codes. *Influencers with large followings can request higher discounts for customers.


In addition to our Affiliate Program, retailers with a resale tax license have access to Wholesale Purchases for resale in their Brick-and-mortar or online stores. A Wholesale purchasing code is provided making it easy to order online.

If you have any questions regarding our Affiliate Marketing or Wholesale Programs, please contact us by email or phone. This information is found in the Header at the top of the page or footer at the bottom of the page. We are here to help you and answer any questions you may have.