Since 2009, we have been developing the most advanced nutrition products in the world under our NUTRUX™, ForceField™ Nutrition, and Justin Alien™ CBD labels.

This all started with our founder, Kevin B. Evans who was a long-time, multiple award winning health and nutrition executive for the largest health and nutrition company in the world. He is also the founder of BlackBox Cosmetics™, a leading direct sales Cosmetics, Hair-care, & Bath & Body company and the founder of, one of the first online stock trading companies.

Mr. Evans' combined experience allowed him to develop an online commerce model to get nutritional products to customers quickly, while they still had their highest level of nutrient potency. Most products sit in warehouses and on stores shelves for months before the consumer finally uses them. This wasn't an acceptable scenario for our health-conscious founder. 

Throughout his entire career, Mr. Evans has had a vision of developing the world's most advanced natural & non-toxic nutritional supplements. As a bodybuilder and fitness enthusiast himself, he was concerned about the lack of non-toxic products available to address the needs of aging baby-boomers and those with auto-immune disease or compromised health conditions. What he found was one industry after another wrought with products that offered low to no nutritional value and contained toxic chemicals, allergens, formaldehyde releasing preservatives, and carcinogens. It became apparent to our founder that cutting corners for the sake of profits was the industry standard. He knew there was a better way. With his leadership, we continue to develop the most remarkable products the nutrition industry has ever seen.